Land & Development

PropertyLine can assist in the sale or purchase and development of Land.

If you are the owner of land, please contact us. New land can be a fantastic investment opportunity, with the cost of land rising rapidly (around 700% increase over the past 20 years) its value will only increase.
Purchasing land can be a lucrative investment opportunity, as its value will increase over time. The cost of land continues to increase at a rapid pace and so will your investment if you plan everything carefully. 
PropertyLine can help you unlock the true potential of your land. One of our specialist personnel will visit the site and provide a valuation based on its size and location. We pride ourselves on giving honest, trustworthy advice and evaluations – meaning we will never sell you short.
We have our own team of architects and builders, who work on the development process after the initial acquisition of the land. From here we can then analyse the costing and begin to create a suitable marketing campaign for the site whilst it is still under construction, generating interest through advertising and other promotional material.