Sellers' Guide

We will offer you our 25-years’ worth of knowledge and expertise, and be by your side throughout the entire sale process.

Below is a step-by-step guide to selling a property:

Step 1 – Property Valuation

We endeavour to sell your property for the best possible in the shortest time horizon.

Our consultants and valuers conduct undertake numerous property valuations and therefore are equipped with the breadth of knowledge and expertise of the local property market in order to provide you with an accurate valuation.

Step 2 – Choosing an Estate Agent

Prior to choosing which estate agent you are going to list your property with, it is vital you take into consideration the estate agent’s brand value, whether the consultants are local property market experts, level of success in selling similar properties to yours, marketing prowess, high street presence, and membership of regulatory forums.

You should check with your estate agent that they would assist you obtaining a legally required Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), something, which must be in place before you market your property.

Step 3 – Presentation of Your Home

It is crucial that your property is in the best possible condition upon your decision to sell. A critical factor in determining how quickly and for what price your property will sell for is how presentable your property is.

It is essential that you consider addressing any DIY jobs that could freshen up your property, add a fresh coat of paint where necessary, decluttering rooms to enlarge their appearance. Alongside this, PropertyLine’s commitment to bespoke marketing techniques will enhance the property’s ability to sell.

Step 4 - Marketing Your Property

Estate agents can adopt many methods to attract buyers. Here are some of the ways PropertyLine will ensure that your property is marketed to as far an audience as possible:


·       Professional Standard Photography

·       Virtual 360° Tours / Virtual Walkthroughs

·       Your Property will be listed on the UK's Leading Property Portals: Rightmove, Zoopla & OnTheMarket

·       Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

·       Established Network of Potential Buyers and Investors

·       Highly Experienced & Knowledgeable Consultants

·       In-house Finance & Legal Advice

Step 5 – Viewings

Upon listing your property, in order to try and generate as much interest as is possible, PropertyLine will conduct as many viewings as possible.

Feedback from viewings and potential buyers is critical in determining how to make your property more attractive to a pool of interested buyers. It is important to be prepared for potential buyer’s questions such as: which fixtures and fittings are included? What are the neighbours like? What are your reasons for moving?

Step 6 – Negotiation

Acting as your representative, we will handle all negotiations between you and the buyer. It is important that you are prepared for offers in the region of the ask price and that you consider how much you would be prepared to accept if a buyer offers a price different from the asking price.

The buyer’s circumstances should also be understood when considering an offer: is the buyer a cash buyer, or do they have a “mortgage agreed in principle”, are they first-time buyers, are they in a short or long chain, and therefore are they flexible enough to consider your schedules?

PropertyLine will seek to attain the best possible price for your property, and we will advise you throughout the negotiation process. As experts in the local property market we will utilise all tools: comparable sales statistics, ability to negotiate. It is also important to note that a survey could uncover repairs that are required, which could affect the price a buyer is willing to pay.

Step 7 – Accepting an Offer

Upon accepting an offer, you will be required to arrange legal/convenyancing services. PropertyLine will issue a Memorandum of Sale (MOU) to all stakeholders. The MOU will have all the details of the sale.

Step 8 – Arrange Convenyancing

Conveyancing is the process of moving the legal ownership of property or land from one to another. They carry our pre-contract searches, which include: local authority search ensuring planning permission has been granted for any pre-existing extension/s on the property, ensure property is connected to the mains, environmental searches.

The Seller prepares a list of fixtures and fittings that they are willing to sell. All fixtures and fittings not included will be removed from the property. This process ensures that the buyer is purchasing only what is agreed.

Step 9 – Sale Progression

PropertyLine’s in-house experienced sales progression consultants will keep you abreast of the progression of the sale. In order to make it as seamless a journey for you, we will liaise with all relevant parties and relay all necessary information pertaining to the progression of the sale back to you.

Step 10 – Exchange of Contracts

This is the stage when the buyer deposits a minimum of 10% of the agreed sale price. The exchange of contracts is the legally binding stage of the process. Contracts are exchanged once you, the buyer, and your respective solicitors/conveyancers are satisfied that everything is in order, a date for completion is agreed and from this point both parties are legally bound to go through with the transaction.

Step 11 – Completion

Upon receiving the outstanding balance for your property, you will hand over the keys to the property to the buyer.